About us


We are a family-owned company with roots in the timber industry dating back to 1986. Initially, we specialized in producing simple wooden elements such as palisades. Over the years, we have expanded both our production capabilities and the diversity of products we offer. Thanks to the passion, experience, and dedication of our team, we have significantly strengthened our position in the industry.

Our offer includes a wide range of wooden products tailored to the diverse needs of our customers. Among our assortment, you can find gazebos, garage shelters, woodsheds, tool sheds, picnic tables, children's playgrounds, pergolas, planters, flower pots, vegetable beds, and inspection covers, as well as simple products such as fences, garden borders, palisades, planks, stakes, and edging.


Distribution area

Our products mainly target the European market. Thanks to our logistic system ensuring fast and reliable order fulfillment, we are able to serve customers in various regions.

We ensure sustainable wood sourcing by exclusively using materials certified by PEFC.

Certificate PEFC

Our goal is to deliver high-quality wooden products that serve practical purposes and blend harmoniously with the natural environment. We inspire customers to create eco-friendly gardens where naturalness is a top priority. Our activities include not only supplying products but also educating and supporting sustainable practices, creating havens of peace where garden beauty harmonizes with environmental care.